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Our mission is help individuals who are addicted to substances of all kinds and to show them a new way of life. As Christian's we believe the new life is possible as we trust God to change the lives of these individuals. As part of our missions we will put our money where out mouth is and conscientiously equip individuals to help

others and to source resources to help such individuals. Our mission is to create anti-drug awareness campaigns in our communities and to help those are affected by this deadly spiritual and mental illness.   



Our 12 Step Christian based rehab treatment plan follows a singular purpose: to recover with the aid of God. Many find the strength they need through this belief. Research studies have shown that self-control must be developed over time: “Findings suggest that reduced self-control after a depleting task or during demanding periods may reflect people’s beliefs about the availability of willpower rather than true resource depletion.” How can you manage yourself while developing the skills to abstain from addictive substances? This is where our comprehensive recovery and counselling program steps in to teach new behaviours and confront the key underlying issues that cause addiction and are a hinderance to recovery.

Our comprehensive 3 - 6 month program covers the following:


- 12 Step abstinence programme

-  Group therapy & counselling sessions

-  Relapse prevention programmes

-  Family workshops and support

- Skills and Job training

- Job integration program & monitoring

Our Mission
Our Program
Understanding Addiction
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Freeway Ministries was founded in Springfield, USA by Pastor John Stroup. It is a ministry committed to living out the Gospel and fulfilling the Great Commission found in Matthew 28. They are committed to using Biblical truths and believe through the reasoning of scriptures, people can and will be set free from any and every addiction; all while glorifying Jesus Christ.

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